Agogo Animation represents the next significant milestone in the 32-years journey of the Agogo’s brand in kids’ media content. As a joint venture headquartered in Singapore with local partner Stereoimage Studios, its purpose is to expand co-production, licensing, merchandising, and distribution opportunities for kids' media content and intellectual property in the Asia region and worldwide.



Founded in Hong Kong in 1991, the company established animation production lines in five locations throughout China. To date, they have completed and delivered over 80 animated films, accumulating rich experience in processing and mass production management. As the production capacity of television animation continued to improve, the company established a pre-production planning department for animated films, including story content, art, storyboarding, and other production and distribution departments. Hong Kong Ani-Play Animation's rich experience in mass production management has won the praise of many international animation companies. For three consecutive years from 1999 to 2001, it was listed among the top 10 animation production companies in the Pacific region by an American animation magazine.


Founded in Hong Kong in 1997, the company has successfully planned, jointly financed, produced, and distributed over 30 animated series to date, with over 100 domestic and international distribution channels and platforms. They have authorized over 30 projects for IP content licensing and derivatives, and the company team has accumulated rich experience in IP operation and licensing. They have successfully licensed multiple animated series to countries such as France, Italy, Northern Europe, the Middle East, and Asia, including Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia.

Our Team

Steven Ching - Producer

- Graduated from Leicester Art and Animation College in the United Kingdom; 
- Producer of over 50 excellent animation works; 
- 30 years of experience in founding and managing animation companies.

Previously served as: 
- Hong Kong HK-TVB animator, Shenzhen Pacific Animation General Manager; 
- Nanjing, Shanghai, Hangzhou Anli Animation Co., Ltd. founder; 
- Hong Kong AGOGO STUDIOS founder; 
- China Animation Group - National Animation Research and Development Center creative director; 
- Beijing AGOGO STUDIOS Creative Company founder.

Michael Koh - Producer

- Michael began his career in 2000 as a music production assistant and songwriter in the Chinese pop music industry.
- He has scored several hit songs for popular pop music artists such as 黄品冠,黄嘉千,苏永康,李威, etc.
- In 2003, Michael established Stereoimage Studios with a primary focus on the Chinese pop music industry.
- In 2006, the company pivoted to original music scoring and audio post-production for children's animation series.
- Throughout his career, Michael has written campaign and theme songs for various brands and shows, including Unilever Lifebouy, Counting with Paula, and Leo The Wild life ranger.
- Since 2010, Michael has been responsible for business development for his company.
- In 2019, he started engaging in intellectual property development.

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