Julio Bunny

Zodiac & Agogo Coproduction

Information Details
Length: 52 x 10'
Target: 3-5 year olds
Languages: EN
Territories Asia and MENA
Deliverable HD

Story Outline:
Julio Bunny is an animated preschool series comprised of 52 x 11 mins episodes which invite preschoolers to get to know Julio and his friends as they experience new things everyday in an unique and whimsical world. Children will bring their own life experience to the episodes and marvel at how Julio is just like them!

For Julio and his friends, every day is an adventure just waiting to happen! Just like the young viewers watching the series, Julio is always learning something new. Watching the series, young viewers will be proud to say that they know Julio... because Julio is exactly like themselves!

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