Animage & Agogo Coproduction

Information Details
Length: 9 x 20'
Target: 3-5 year olds
Languages: EN, CN
Territories Worldwide
Deliverable SD

Story Outline:
In this highly original keep-fit show, Bouncy, our highly energetic kid-tiger, shows off his dynamic skills to a group of young kids. In a series of lively routines, Bouncy succeeds in getting young children to jump off the couch and right into shape! Each episode has an engaging storyline, incorporating a variety of keep-fit moves designed especially for young children by health and fitness experts. The moves are kid-friendly, safe, and most of all FUN! The central routine in each episode revolves around everyday objects, a ball, a towel, or a soft toy, and it starts with the warm-up and ends with a relaxing, cool-down section. Brandon, Courtney, Mollie, and Kyrone, our four live-action and animated heroes, are happy to follow Bouncy's every move, as will the kids all over the world!

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