Cone ControlĀ 

Agogo Production

Information Details
Length: 52 x 15'
Target: 5-7 year olds
Languages: EN, CN
Territories Worldwide
Deliverable SD

Story Outline:
Fifty-two hilarious episodes chronicle the adventures of KATE CONE, CONNIE, and COLIN, along with their madcap companions in CONE CONTROL as they battle to prevent traffic chaos on the streets of CONETOWN and there's more...

Alien invasions from outer space, giant robots, pirates, killer whales, and hordes of monkeys on the rampage are just some of the day-to-day problems that keep our intrepid heroes on their toes. And, of course, let's not forget the evil BENGHIS and his companions in crime, CILLA, BOB SLOB, and BORIS. Forever lurking in the background like a bad smell, GENGHIS has only one ambition in life, and that is to bring about the downfall of KATE CONE and CONE CONTROL.

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